Updated BMW 1 Series Revealed at Geneva Motor Show

For over a decade, the BMW 1 Series has set the standard for its compact segment and the Bavarian company’s newest addition to the line is no exception. The updated BMW 1 Series, which debuted at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, provides a perfect blend of driving performance, fuel efficiency, and luxurious ambiance.

Updated BMW 1 Series

Updated BMW 1 Series is Coming!

Updated BMW 1 Series is Coming!

The compact asserts its redesigned front fascia with vertical dual grille surrounded by its flirtatious upturned angel eyes, and is crowned by its propeller badge. This year marks the first time full-LED lights come available as an option to the hatchback. Other features include an iDrive operating system, radar-based Active Cruise Control, the updated Parking Assistant, and BMW’s Intelligent Emergency Call function

The 1 Series is available in a three-door, built exclusively at BMW’s Regensburg plant, or five-door, built at the company’s plant in Leipzig. Both models have a gas or diesel engine option, plus the BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with a choice of a three-cylinder, four-cylinder, or six-cylinder in-line engine with M Performance.

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Award-Winning BMW i8 Performance: High-Speed Thrills, Eco-Friendly Design

The BMW i8 made quite a stir last year as one of the best plug-in hybrids in the world. With incredible performance and futuristic styling, it’s no wonder the i8 recently won 2015 UK Car of the Year, both in the overall and performance categories.

Award-Winning BMW i8 Performance: High-Speed Thrills, Eco-Friendly Design

Award-Winning BMW i8 Performance: High-Speed Thrills, Eco-Friendly Design

BMW i8 Performance: Unprecedented

The UK Car of the Year Award is given by 27 of Britain’s top automotive journalists. According to Hybrid Cars, the i8 was selected from a number of hybrids around the world for its high-speed capabilities. BMW i8 performance is unprecedented for a hybrid, making drivers reconsider what they think they know about alternative-energy design.

“The automotive industry has seen many hybrid models in recent years, but nothing quite like the i8,” said John Challen, director of the Car of the Year awards. “The term ‘game-changer’ is sometimes overused when talking about new cars, but in the case of the i8, it is totally justified. The latest ‘i’ model completely redefines the performance car segment, and is helped by a hybrid powertrain that is really quite special.”

The i8 can do 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds, has a top speed of 155 mph, and still gets 29 highway mpg. This model is the next-generation of automotive design, enabling drivers to have the speed they want while still being eco-friendly. It’s no wonder the BMW i8 won Car of the Year.

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BMW i5 Rumors Resurface—First Concept Expected in Frankfurt

Is the BMW i3 getting another 'big brother'? BMW i5 Rumors

Is the BMW i3 getting another ‘big brother’?

BMW i5 rumors have been around for several years and have continued to circulate even after the automaker itself claimed that “suggestion of a BMW i model larger than the BMW i3 is hypothetical at this point.” You’d think calling the i5 a mere hypothesis would serve to quell the rumors, but in the world of journalism, it only added fuel to the speculative flames.

BMW i5 Rumors

As it turns out, it was for good reason. UK’s Car Mag has compiled all the latest info on a secret BMW i5 or i7 that may very well be presented as a concept car at the upcoming 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show later this year.

The i5/i7 would be built and priced to compete directly with the Tesla Model S. It would be based on the long wheelbase of the Chinese-market 5 Series, take visual cues from the 6 Series Gran Coupe and upcoming 7 Series, and borrow its drivetrain from the i8. Sounds to us like it’ll be built using all the best parts of the many cars in our lineup at Casey BMW!

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BMW’s Official Car of MotoGP Uses New Water Injection System

You’ve heard of vehicle fuel injection before—but have you heard of water injection?

Official Car of MotoGP

Well, now you have, and you might hear more of it in the future. It’s a system that BMW is implementing in the brand new M4 that’ll be used as the Official Car of MotoGP this year.

A modified BMW M4 is the Official Car of MotoGP

A modified BMW M4 is the Official Car of MotoGP

Injecting water into the combustion chamber is not usually the best idea, but BMW claims it has found a way to actually make it beneficial.

The goal is to spray the water as a fine mist to help reduce the temperature of the air being mixed with the fuel inside the engine. Bringing down the temperature to a more optimal level has a number of a positive effects, like reducing knocking, getting a higher yield out of low-octane fuel, and improving output and efficiency by about 8 percent.

The downside is that it adds a 1.3-gallon tank in the trunk that requires filling. For MotoGP, BMW will be filling it whenever the car is refueled, but in a real-world scenario the M4 shouldn’t need its water topped off more than every five visits at the gas station.

And real-world scenarios are relevant here. BMW is using the M4 safety car as a way to test the system for future production vehicles, so you might see this new water injection system before long at Casey BMW!

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BMW’s X-Ray Glasses Allow Users to See through Cars

No reason to turn around to see that 2014 BMW 5 Series behind you, not with BMW’s X-Ray Glasses.

No reason to turn around to see that behind you, not with BMW’s X-Ray Glasses.

BMW is taking a page right from a science fiction novel, developing X-ray glasses that could allow drivers to see through their BMW vehicles. The glasses are designed to function as a kind-of back-up camera, and would make reversing and parking easier, allowing drivers to see through the rear and sides of their cars.

BMW’s X-Ray Glasses

According to the when the driver is wearing the glasses and puts their vehicle into reverse, cameras located in the back of the vehicle will project images of the car’s surroundings onto the glass’s lenses. When the driver turns to look out the back of the vehicle, those images will make it appear that the car has “disappeared,” removing all blind spots and obstructions of view.

BMW is keeping hush-hush about the project, but many reports suggest that the automaker is hoping to keep up with competing “smart glasses” like Google Glass. If that’s the case, we would expect that BMW’s X-ray glasses would offer additional functionality, outside of the vehicle. Some reports suggest that the glasses could display real-time information, like speed, and car-sharing information, like public transportation and traffic updates.

Related BMW Technology News:

BMW’s X-ray glasses remain under lock-and-key for the time being, but BMW is planning to demonstrate the futuristic technology at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. X-Ray glasses and see-through cars may become a reality far sooner than anyone expected.

Here at , we think this is an exciting time for car manufacturers; the possibilities seem endless. We can’t wait to learn more about X-ray glasses in April!

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BMW i3 U.S. Sales Top Germany

If you watched the Super Bowl, chances are you saw the ads, like BMW’s i3 commercial, that sparked conversation all over the web. The commercial, titled “Newfangled Idea,” introduces the BMW i3, but in reality, the plug-in vehicle wasn’t all that unpopular. While the i3 is new, sales have been steady. As it turns out, BMW i3 U.S. sales actually topped the German i3 sales in 2014.

BMW i3 U.S. Sales

BMW i3 U.S. Sales are topping German Sales. (Pictured: BMW i3 at 2015 NAIAS.)

BMW i3 U.S. Sales are topping German Sales. (Pictured: BMW i3 at 2015 NAIAS.)

According to Green Car Reports, the BMW i3 sold nearly three times as well in the United States than it did in Germany. Sales weren’t mind-blowing, mind you, with a little over 6,000 i3s making their way onto United State roadways in the last two-thirds of 2014. It took third place in sales in the battery-electric division. Compared to Germany’s full calendar year of sales, amounting to only 2,128 sales, it’s an interesting dilemma.

An enthusiast site took to the streets to figure out why U.S. sales are so much stronger than sales in BMW’s home country. Top on the list is mass transit. Germany’s public transportation is reliable, clean, and well-integrated in the cities. Compared to the monthly payment on a BMW i3, public transportation is preferable to most Germans. In addition, many Germans don’t own their own homes, making charging a challenge. That said, BMW

That said, BMW has found buyers in both markets, ensuring a future for the plug-in BMW i3.  The BMW i3 is in stock at Casey BMW right now. Visit, take a test drive and see this piece of German engineering for yourself.

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BMW i3 Commercial Benefitting from Major Football Exposure

BMW released their Super Bowl commercial, which supports the all-new BMW i3 electric vehicle, early this year—and it paid off in some very interesting ways. Though the commercial officially aired on Sunday, early views of the commercial helped BMW i3 sales even before the game started. The commercial, which features Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, revisits the famous moment when the two anchors were confused about the internet back in 1994.

Now, though, the BMW brand is connecting that moment to the moment the BMW i3 was released—both of those moments introduced newfangled ideas to the world. And that’s what the commercial is called, after all—“Newfangled Idea.”

BMW i3 Commercial for the ‘Big Game': Throughback to 1994

BMW i3: A New Idea Gets the Super Bowl Commercial Treatment

BMW i3: A New Idea Gets the Super Bowl Commercial Treatment

“In 1994, people had not yet grasped what the internet was, which is similar to how electric mobility is viewed today,” said Trudy Hardy, Vice President of Marketing, BMW of North America. “Electric mobility is at a tipping point. We are on the verge of something great and we hope that with this spot, we can educate audiences about the BMW i3 and e-mobility in a fun and engaging way.”

The BMW i3 is one of the brand’s first forays into the EV segment—and it’s turned out to be pretty successful so far. Along with the i8, an EV supercar, the i3 has gotten the EV segment off to good start for BMW. Plus, releasing the ad online early led to great sales results, with 61% of traffic coming to build an i3 on the site being new customers.

The BMW i3 is currently in stock at Casey BMW.  Come see us to learn more today.

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BMW Gets 60-second i3 EV Super Bowl Commercial

We're anxious to see what the BMW i3 EV Super Bowl Commercial shows us!

We’re anxious to see what the BMW i3 EV Super Bowl Commercial shows us!

In the marketing world, a 60-second commercial spot during the Super Bowl is one of the prime times to debut new product. That’s why it comes as no surprise that BMW will be showcasing the all-new, all-electric i3 electric vehicle during Super Bowl XLIX.

“Big ideas like the BMW i3 take a little getting used to, and the creative idea surrounding our spot will play on this analogy,” said Trudy Hardy, vice president of marketing for BMW of North America. “We are thrilled to use this platform to educate viewers on the importance of electric mobility.”

BMW i3 EV Super Bowl Commercial

The BMW i3 EV Super Bowl commercial will be the first time in four years that the German carmaker has participated in the Super Bowl. BMW’s futuristic car has a starting sticker price of $43,350, offering both luxury and eco-friendliness like the Tesla Model S, but for nearly half the price.

To see this 60-second commercial spot, make sure you tune into the big game on February 1 on ABC. If you have any questions about the BMW i3, contact Casey BMW today!

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BMW Showcases the Updated 6-Series in Detroit

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is one of the largest auto shows of the year and automakers all over the world want to be a part of it. At this year’s show, BMW showcased the updated 6-Series in Detroit.


6-Series in Detroit Showstopper

The 2015 BMW 6-Series features a sharpened front end with a tweaked grille. BMW says the two kidney grilles now each have nine slots, rather than ten. The lower air dam was also reworked to emphasize the car’s width. Full-LED headlights will now be standard across the 6-Series lineup.

2014 BMW 6-Series Convertible - new 2015 6-Series in Detroit Debut

2014 BMW 6-Series Convertible

Just like in previous years, the 2015 6-Series will be available in a variety of body styles, including the traditional two-door coupe, open-air convertible, and four-door Gran Coupe. Each of these models will also come with a choice of BMW TwinPower Turbo engines.

For those craving a bit more speed, power, and performance, the M6 should fit the bill with its 560 horsepower M TwinPower Turbo V8. It is available in the same three body styles as the standard models.

The 2015 BMW 6 Series will be coming to Casey BMW soon. Which 6-Series model is on your wish list?

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Self-parking BMW i3 Refuses to Crash at Consumer Electronics Show

Self-parking BMW i3

Self-parking BMW i3 revealed at CES 2015

BMW showed off its new ActiveAssist technology in the BMW i3, an electric car, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, allowing some to even test drive. The ActiveAssist system aims to prevent collisions, allowing the vehicle to brake on its own.

Self-parking BMW i3

Wayne Cunningham, senior editor at CNET, wrote about his surprise when he intentionally tried to crash the i3, only for the car to stop on its own, before ultimately self-parking, thanks to ActiveAssist.

Cunningham calls the game-changing ActiveAssist system “one of BMW’s stepping stones to the completely autonomous car,” a seemingly inevitable development that will hopefully surface sometime in the future, though it seems unlikely that such technology will be available to the public anytime soon.

The self-parking BMW i3, complete with ActiveAssist technology, will likely be unavailable for the rest of this year, so while you’re waiting, visit us at Casey BMW to explore our available inventory of all-electric models.

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