Great Ice Cream Parlors Near Newport News

ice cream parlors near Newport News

Great Ice Cream Parlors near Newport News

For good reason, July is known as National Ice cream Month. To help you get your fill of sweet, frozen deliciousness, here are some great ice cream parlors near Newport News, Virginia.

  • Maggie Moo’s. This ice cream parlor located at 707 Mariners Row here in Newport News offers ice cream cakes and other delicious treats in addition to ice cream.
  • Pelican’s SnoBalls. It may not be ice cream, but it will still cool you off in the heat of summer. In fact, you might even find this sweetened shaved ice more satisfying than ice cream. Try flavors like root beer, honeydew melon, blue bubblegum, and tiger’s blood.
  • Rita’s. Here you can try some refreshing Italian ice, frozen custard, and numerous other frozen concoctions. Located at the Todd Shopping Center in Hampton, Virginia.
  • Sweet Turtle SnoBalls. Can’t get enough shaved ice? Try this little parlor for some Louisiana-style goodness. Located at 6116-C Jefferson Avenue here in Newport News.

Casey BMW needs some of your suggestions.  What are some of your favorite ice cream parlors near Newport News?

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A “Mini” Inspiration – BMW X1 Reveal

BMW X1 reveal a superior sports activity vehicle in 2016. (2015 Model Pictured)

BMW X1 reveal a superior sports activity vehicle in 2016. (2015 Model Pictured)

It’s newer. It’s bigger. And it’s lighter than ever!

BMW has revealed the new and improved 2016 X1 Sports Activity Vehicle, which s bigger, badder, and bolder than ever. With the new X1, BMW focused on creating a smoother ride with a body that is lighter by 66 pounds, but it also allows for a bit more passenger and cargo room than that of the previous generation.

Under the hood, the BMW xDrive28i will feature a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder TwinPower engine that is capable of 228-hp. BMW says that, despite being just a hair slower than the 2015 model, the X1 will have the most powerful engine in the segment.

To promote better efficiency, the X1 will offer regenerative braking and Eco Pro mode, which will allow a vehicle to coast even at high speeds once their foot has disengaged from the accelerator.

A redesigned body also allows for more rear legroom and higher seats, which will improve passenger comfort considerably.

BMW X1 reveal will soon more information about the new vehicle as its release date draws nearer. Stay tuned to the Casey BMW blog for all the details!

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2016 BMW 7 Series Features Ultimate Performance & Luxury

Recently, BMW unveiled its 2016 BMW 7 Series, earning praise for its advanced efficiency and increased luxury.

2015 BMW 7 Series

2016 BMW 7 Series features advanced technology & superior luxury (2015 model pictured)

Built on a new platform of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials, the new BMW 7 Series features the unique BMW design language that we’ve all come to know and love with its Active Kidney Grille extending into the lengthened LED headlights and expertly-chiseled hood. The elegance is carried to the rear, which is highlighted by L-shaped LED taillamps, dual exhaust pipes, and chrome trim.

Inside the spacious cabin, the 2016 BMW 7 Series provides a 12.3-inch digital instrument

cluster that will power BMWs new iDrive 5.0 infotainment system. A luxurious atmosphere is ever-present with its lavish soft touch features, heated armrests for the center console and doors, as well as an optional Luxury Rear Seat Package that offers massaging seats.

Under the hood, customers can choose between either a 3-liter straight-six engine capable of 320 horsepower or a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine ready to unleash 445 horses. A plug-in hybrid option will also be offered.

We at Casey BMW are thrilled with the 2016 BMW 7 Series features and its trailblazing technology and luxury. We can’t wait for this new offering to debut in our showroom this fall. Be sure to stop by Casey BMW for more information on the 7-Series and all of the newest luxury offerings the German automaker has to offer!


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BMW X6 M Takes On 2015 One Lap of America

The all-new supercharged 2015 BMW X6 M will be competing in the 2015 One Lap of America this month. The team will be co-piloted by Michael Renner, BMW Performance Center Driving Instructor; Michael Broad, BMW Powertrain Engineer; and Tom Lappin, One Lap veteran.

A supercharged version of the 2015 BMW X6 will compete in the 2015 One Lap of  America.

A supercharged version of the 2015 BMW X6 will compete in the 2015 One Lap of America.

2015 One Lap of America

The 567 horsepower X6 M will compete in two classes: Truck/SUV and Stock Touring. The race starts in South Bend, Indiana, and then travels 3,245 miles across 11 states. The team will compete in time trials, drag racing, and skid pad car control.

Past news about BMW and One Lap of America

The new 2015 X6 M is the most powerful vehicle offered by BMW. It’s powered by the M TwinPower Turbo 4.4-liter V8 and, in addition to producing 567 horsepower, it generates 553 lb-ft of torque. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a blazing 4 seconds as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about the all-new X6 M or the 2015 One Lap of America, come visit us at Casey BMW.

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BMW Apple Watch App

With the Apple Watch now available to consumers, automakers are moving to stake their claim in the newest app market. With a goal of appealing to tech fans, BMW gave out a few details on their own app. Considering that Apple used BMW as an example of the kind of apps that would be available on the watch, odds are auto apps will be a hit.

BMW Apple Watch App

Keep up with your new BMW i3 with the BMW Apple Watch App

Keep up with your new BMW i3 with the BMW Apple Watch App

BMW is one of the automakers leading the charge of manufacturers who are set to develop and launch apps that work with their vehicles. The BMW Apple Watch app is available in the iTunes store and works with the all-electric i3 and the hybrid i8 sports car. With the app you’ll know just how much is left in your car’s battery.

The luxury automaker isn’t stopping there. BMW is pushing forward to a realm where few automakers are currently developing. The Apple Watch app will also guide drivers on foot after they’ve reached their destination and left the car. It will also guide them back to their cars. Through the watch, owners can also set the interior cabin temperature without being inside the vehicle as well.

In a world where technology advances every hour, we here at Casey BMW are glad to offer the top-of-the-line tech packages customers not only want, but deserve.

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New BMW 7 Series Blows Competition Away with Special New Technology and Design

The new BMW 7 Series comes with James Bond-level technology—and we mean that completely literally. If you’re a fan of the Pierce Brosnan Bond years, then you probably remember 007 working his car remotely via a handheld device. Now, with the new 7 Series, which will hit the market later this year, you too can control your vehicle via remote control—and a remote control that looks way cooler than Bond’s too.

New BMW 7 Series: Carbon Fiber + Remote Control

The “remote control” in question is actually called the BMW Display Key, and it really can completely replace your car keys the way you know them. With the Display Key, you can get out of your car, and via buttons on the Key, get the car to park itself. Sure, it’s a cool feature just on the face of it, but it is also super useful for fitting your car into tight parking spaces in public or on crowded streets. And yes—before you ask—it can un-park itself as well.

But there’s more than just surface-level technologies to be excited about here. The car’s body is actually made partly out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which makes the body stronger, more rigid, and 88 pounds lighter. That’s a huge benefit—and it puts BMW’s body technology way ahead of everyone else’s. The carbon fiber makes the car more efficient and gives it an incredibly responsive handling and driving dynamics overall.

And BMW isn’t even done there! They hope to bring special technologies like voice control and gesture control to the 7 Series as well, giving you the ultimate control over your vehicle in the driver’s seat—with complete safety. Come see us at Casey BMW to learn more about the 7 Series today!

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World Green Car of the Year Award Goes to BMW i8

When BMW first introduced its i-series lineup, it combined futuristic styling and eco-friendly powertrains to turn the green car segment on its head. Now, the German carmaker continues to do just that after the BMW i8 was named the World Green Car of the Year during the New York International Auto Show. This is the second consecutive year BMW has earned this award for its i-series, after the BMW i3 won it last year.

2015 World Green Car of the Year Award Goes to BMW i8

2015 World Green Car of the Year Award Goes to BMW i8

World Green Car of the Year: BMW i8

“I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of the team in Munich”, says Dr. Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing BMW, speaking at the Award Ceremony in New York. “The BMW i8 represents the future with its unique lightweight construction and unrivalled connectivity. To win this award for the second year in a row shows that our BMW i products are truly leading the world.”

To earn the World Green Car of the Year award, the BMW i8 impressed the judges with a powerful hybrid engine and sexy sports car styling. The i8 combines a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor, giving it the ability to drive up to 37 kilometers on electric power alone. This impressive range isn’t the only notable statistic, though—the BMW i8 can also accelerate to 100 km/h from a standstill in just 4.4 seconds.

For more information on this outstanding, eco-friendly vehicle, stop in to Casey BMW today!

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2018’s BMW Toyota Supra to be More BMW Than Toyota

Toyota had previously announced that their long-anticipated, revamped Supra model would hit the market in 2018, thanks to a bit of help from BMW, but it was previously unclear just how involved BMW would be.

BMW Toyota Supra Partnership

Thanks to a new report from Car and Driver, we now know that the Supra will actually be more BMW than Toyota. In fact, the Supra will be made up of almost entirely BMW parts underneath.

In fact, Toyota is reportedly only providing a large portion of the money for the Supra, while BMW is essentially designing the car. Toyota is said to be sharing some of their hybrid savvy with BMW as well, in exchange.

The collaboration between the two companies is being referred to as “Silk Road,” and though Toyota will design the vehicle’s exterior, the model will host a six-cylinder engine from BMW.

What do you think of the BMW Toyota Supra collaboration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.  In the meantime, come experience the power and drive the BMW Toyota Supra may provide by test driving a BMW at Casey BMW.

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Road Trip Preparation Tips For Your Vehicle this Spring

Spring is finally here, making it the perfect time of the year for a relaxing, invigorating road trip. Regardless of your destination, it’s important to make sure that your car is well equipped for the adventure.

Before your adventure begins, take a look at these road trip preparation tips.

Before your adventure begins, take a look at these road trip preparation tips.

Road Trip Preparation Tips

To get you started, here’s a list of road trip preparation tips:

  • Take your car for a routine check-up to make sure that anything you may not have noticed is addressed.
  • Familiarize yourself with fluid levels, and put some extra jugs in the back of your car. (You never know when extra windshield wiper fluid could come in handy!)
  • Check your tires for uneven wear and make sure they are at the recommended pressure level.
  • Make sure that all of your lights are working to maintain visibility on the highway.
  • And lastly, depending on where you’re headed, make sure your heating or air conditioning is working properly.

Do you have any other road trip prep tips? Let us know in the comments.

As always, Casey BMW’s Certified Service Department is here to help you before or after your roadtrip.

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BMW’s Lofty Mission Means The New BMW i Model Won’t Be Here Until 2020

In a highly informative discussion with Automotive News Europe, the R&D Chief of the BMW Group quelled some rumors and elucidated on the nature of the “i” sub brand. He also gave a timetable for the new BMW i model.

Rumors of a new BMW i model started with the X5.

Rumors of a new BMW i model started with the X5.

New BMW i Model on the Way?

When people saw the new BMW X5, a large and stupendously luxurious hybrid SUV, they thought that maybe it might end up being the variant to bear the “i” sub brand badge. Chief Klaus Froehlich denied the rumor and took the opportunity to explain why.

He explained that the purpose of the “i” sub-brand is to “change perceptions,” according to Automotive News. Therefore, a new BMW i model is built from the ground up as an “i” model.  Therefore, labeling some other label as such doesn’t align with BMW’s mission for the sub-brand.

He went to say that part of why this approach is important is because “i” vehicles are where BMW likes to experiment with and introduce innovative new design aspects. From there, these aspects are then implemented in the wider lineup.

Though brainstorming has begun for the next member of the family, the new BMW i model won’t arrive until 2020.  Can’t rush perfection.

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