Tesla and BMW: Will the German Automaker Buy A Stake in the EV Powerhouse?

Sportscar PlatformMercedes’ parent company, Daimler, has announced that it is selling its stake in Tesla – and pocketing a massive $780 million profit in doing so. And so, the rumor mill has already begun. Who’s next? What’s next? The main rumor that has caught our interest concerns Tesla and BMW.

Forbes went ahead and jumped on the speculation bandwagon, pointing out that Daimler’s sale could “clear the way for BMW”.  Here at Casey BMW, we have to say, we don’t hate the idea—after all, the two companies would make a nice fit. According to the article, the two companies have been in talks and executives have met to discuss how to standardize a charging network for electric cars.

In a partnership with BMW, Tesla would gain access to the luxury automaker’s carbon fiber technology and production—an important lightweight material used in the construction of electric cars. BMW would gain Tesla’s world-renowned battery technology.

Strategy & Investment analyst Arndt Ellinghorst points out that Tesla’s relationship with Daimler has been deteriorating. “In our view, the ties between the two companies have loosened over time. From Tesla’s perspective it may be more interesting to work with BMW going forward, given BMW’s carbon fiber technology, than with Mercedes on the B-class.”

Currently, Tesla supplies electric motors and batteries for the Smart ForTwo electric vehicle and the Mercedes B-class electric car, though if a relationship with BMW does materialize, we can’t wait to see what would be next.

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All-Star Engineer Roberto Fideli Joins BMW

Making cars, like anything else, is mostly about the people who design and produce them. Do they instill trust in colleagues and customers? Are they loyal? Can they dream up innovative ideas and then commit to executing them?

BMW M 235i BMW M 235i
Roberto Fideli may join the M division to work on vehicles like the BMW M 235i.

Take Roberto Fideli, for instance. He loyally served Ferrari for over 25 years as chief engineer. For the last seven of those years, he was the project leader for all of the models Ferrari unveiled. He possesses specialized knowledge, having in-depth experience with hybrid engines and lightweight materials.

Fideli recently resigned from Ferrari, making him the auto world’s most valuable free agent. But he wasn’t free very long—BMW snapped him up before anyone else had the chance.

Rolls RoyceAs Roberto Fideli joins BMW, what kind of effect will he have? Apparently a big one. He will “strengthen our technical prowess amid intensifying competition with rival German luxury carmakers Audi and Mercedes-Benz,” at least according to BMW. Fideli will likely join the Rolls Royce team or the M division.

At Casey BMW, we are happy to hear that Fideli is on board, and look forward to seeing what he will produce during his tenure!

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The New i8 Hybrid Has Lit up the Car Market like Wild Fire

2014-bmw-i8-headonBMW’s new i8 hybrid only recently reached the United States, and it already has American buyers by the heartstrings. Deliveries of the plug-in hybrid in the US kicked off in August, and already the car is sold out until 2015.

The i8 drives and looks like a sports car, while offering the efficiency of an electric car. The company is looking to expand the i8 line, scaling down its production of the i3 slightly to make room for the new vehicles.

New i8 Hybrid Rounds Out BMW Line

Digital Trends say that i8 “has added new polish to BMW’s already impressive lineup, showcasing the brand’s potential as a leader in lightweight construction, fuel efficiency, and next-gen tech.”

For BMW’s “i” line, over 100 vehicles are manufactured daily in the United States alone, and around the same amount have been sold across the globe. From the looks of it, scaling down BMW i3 production to make more room for the BMW i8 is an excellent move, and will help BMW reach a whole new market of buyers.

Unfortunately, you cannot get your hands on a new BMW i8 until 2015, but you can look forward to getting one from us at Casey BMW!

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Vilner Releases a Unique Stormtrooper BMW 6-Series

Who needs the Millennium Falcon when you can have a Stormtrooper BMW 6-Series? European performance tuner Vilner recently released photos of their take on a Star Wars themed BMW. Here at Casey BMW, we’re brainstorming ways to get our hands on one.

For those of you that are unaware, Disney recently bought the rights to Star Wars, with plans to release at least one new movie. Apparently, Vilner thought there was no better way to commemorate the new franchise than with an ode to the iconic Sci/Fi soldiers.

The Stormtrooper BMW 6-Series features a custom hood, custom headlights, a performance exhaust, black alloy wheels, and other new features. Under the hood is a 4.4L V-8 generating 370hp and 385 lb./ft. of torque. Sorry, blaster rifles don’t come standard.

More About the 2014 BMW 6-Series: Model Overview

According to DigitalTrends, Vilner plans to announce more about the car in the future. Unfortunately, Vilner is only making the car available to the customer who commissioned it, which is only an order for 10.

2013 model before Stormtrooper BMW 6-Series makeover

2013 BMW 6-Series – imposing even before the transformation

Even if you can’t get your hands on a Star Wars themed car, the BMW 6-series is still an industry-leading car. To check out a 6-series or any other BMW, stop by Casey BMW today.

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New Plug-in Hybrids for Every BMW Model Series?

BMW i3 Plug-in Hybrid

BMW i3 Plug-in Hybrid

BMW’s past in the plug-in hybrid scene was powered with the souped-up i8 boasting a 129-horsepower electric motor. BMW also has the lightest EV on the planet with the BMW i3. It sports over 80 miles of range on electric and is a breeze to park on busy city streets. BMW is making a splash in this green-powered world we live in with new plug-in hybrids.

Plug-in Hybrid for Every BMW Model Series

Plug-in Hybrid coming for BMW X5?

Plug-in Hybrid coming for BMW X5?

Back in 2013 Peter Wolf, BMW’s head of production, stated: “We are planning to have a plug-in hybrid vehicle in each and every model series.” Now, with 2015 rapidly approaching we hear of three new BMW models that are going to have plug-in hybrid powertrain. The 2-Series Active Tourer, BMW X5 SUV, and Mini Cooper Clubman are rumored to be hybrid-bound. Wolf’s plan to have plug-in hybrids in each series is beginning to take shape

The three hybrids are going to be parallel hybrids which use gas as needed while driving rather than range-extending systems seen elsewhere. Pricing and other information are currently unavailable on these vehicles. One thing is certain, they will look and drive like a BMW.

We here at Casey BMW are excited about the direction BMW is heading. Just remember when it comes to buying your next BMW, Casey BMW is the only name you need to know.

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BMW Racing Takes 1-2 Finish at Circuit of the Americas

BMW Racing - BMW M3

Okay, so they didn’t drive this M3…their BMW was totally suped up for racing!

BMW Racing couldn’t have asked for a better result at the 2.5-hour-long race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Thanks to a splendid drive from John Edwards and Trent Hindman, as well as an excellent late-race call for wet-weather tires, the No. 46 BMW M3 was able to take first place for the second time in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.

The race had been suffering from intermittent rain conditions, and although Hindman had handed off to Edwards in first place, finishing in that position was no guarantee. The team made the right call to pit from the lead to change to wet-weather tires, which meant that although Edwards rejoined the race more than a full minute behind Tom Kimber-Smith’s leading No. 97 Turner Motorsports BMW M3, he was able to catch up and ultimately finish nearly 8 seconds ahead.

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Thanks to the 1-2 finish, Hindman took the lead in the Grand Sport Driver points and BMW is now firmly at the top of Grand Sport Manufacturer standings. Stay tuned to Casey BMW for more BMW racing news!


BMW and Apple Watch Make Magic

A perfect partnership: BMW and Apple Watch

A perfect partnership: BMW and Apple Watch

In a partnership worth “oohing” and “ahhhing” over, BMW and Apple Watch are making the future a little bit brighter. The BMW i3 and i8 are getting hooked up with the digital gadget, making Apple fans and wristwatch connoisseurs alike drool.

If you’re in the market for an i3 or an i8, you may end up finding yourself in the market for an Apple Watch too, which promises to connect the electric BMW cars to their drivers. Supposedly, it will allow owners to see everything from charging status to location status.

BMW and Apple Watch:
Keeping up with your BMW i3 and BMW i8

BMW Blog reports that BMW i3 and i8 owners who also have an Apple Watch will be able to monitor their car’s charging status, see available driving range, locate the car in crowded parking lots, and even lock and unlock doors.

As Apple continues making a push into the in-car infotainment field via Apple CarPlay, we don’t doubt that the Apple Watch could eventually tie to that technology as well.

BMW isn’t the only automaker jumping on the Apple train, though. A recent software update to the Tesla Model S revealed that iPhones (and eventually androids) will be able to not just lock and unlock their cars, but actually start them. Could this change the way we interact with our phones and cars, and even make car keys a thing of the past?

Only time will tell where this kind of technology is headed, but for now we can tell you that a BMW i3 or i8 paired with an Apple Watch will be a pretty cool thing. Here at Casey BMW, we can’t wait to show you everything our electric cars have to offer – stop by today!

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New BMW i3 Already Outselling Tesla

The New BMW i3 for 2014

The new BMW i3 is outselling Tesla on their home turf.

When BMW announced the i3, the brand’s first foray into the electric vehicle (EV) market, other automakers like Tesla, which has a longer history of EV sales, met the announcement with a  fair amount of skepticism (to put it mildly). Well, for Tesla and other EV makers, the tables have turned rather immediately—the new BMW i3 is already outselling the Tesla Model S.

To add insult to injury, it’s outselling the Tesla right on its own turf, in Hollywood. Looks like the glitz and glamour has returned to the BMW brand in a big way now that BMW offers an awesome EV option. Tesla sold only 600 Model S’s in the month, while BMW sold over 1,000 vehicles in North America. BMW saw a huge 182 percent increase in sales over last month.

Obviously, if numbers like these continue, the i3 will be far from the last foray into the EV market for the brand making the ultimate driving machines. Come see us at Casey BMW to check out the i3 or the i8—BMW’s sexy EV sports car—today.

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BMW i8 Will Set the Pace in Upcoming Formula E Championship

Nearly every professional racer has a safety car lying in wait in the pits just in case something goes wrong. The car itself tends to vary depending on the type of racing. For example, Formula One gets the Mercedes SLS, DTM gets the BMW M4, and IndyCar gets the Honda Accord.

About the  Formula E Championship

The BMW i8 is the Formula E safety car

2014 BMW i8

For the new FIA Formula E Championship, the safety car will be even more appropriate than any of these: a BMW i8. Formula E is intended to be the highest class of competition for single-seat, electrically-powered racing cars—essentially the electric counterpart of Formula 1. So it makes sense that the FIA would choose a modified hybrid sports car for its safety car.

The i3 will also be joining it as part of the support fleet, and both will feature inductive charging. What this means that while one is out setting the pace or picking up drivers, the other will be charging—wirelessly—in the pits. Not bad!

Of course, you don’t have to attend a Formula E race to see an i3 or i8 in action. Just stop by Casey BMW instead. It’s free!

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Its that time! Fall Car Maintenance Tips

As the kids head back to school and you get amped up for football season, don’t forget to take care of your BMW. Here are a few simple fall car maintenance tips to keep you running smoothly.

  • Fall Car Maintenance - Check the Spare TireReplace your wiper blades. As fall arrives, it usually brings more rain. Your wiper blades should be swapped out at least once a year and fall is a great time to do this.
  • Check your spare. While most cars these days have automatic tire pressure sensors to let you know when your tire pressure is low, don’t forget about your spare tire. If you get a flat tire, but your spare isn’t inflated properly, it won’t do you much good. Pop your trunk and give your spare a check.
  • Replace the air filter. Your car’s engine air filter should be changed twice a year. Having a dirty filter hampers your car’s fuel economy and performance.
  • Fall Car Maintenance - Battery HealthCheck your lights. As the days get shorter, you don’t want to be stuck out on the road in the dark. Be sure all your lights are working, both in the front and in the back.
  • Check your battery. Be sure your battery terminals are clean and there are no loose cables.

Of course, all of these basic maintenance steps are things many people do themselves, but if you want us to give you a hand and make sure your car is in tip-top shape, schedule an appointment with the friendly service department here at Casey BMW.

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